Spanish | VISTA Higher Learning

Descubre (Levels 1-3 | 2014)

Publisher: VISTA Higher Learning

Print Edition ISBNs:

  • Student (Level 1): 978-1-62680-359-6
  • Student (Level 2): 978-1-62680-374-9
  • Student (Level 3): 978-1-62680-379-4
  • Teacher (Level 1): 978-1-61857-203-5
  • Teacher (Level 2): 978-1-61857-204-2
  • Teacher (Level 3): 978-1-61857-205-9

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  • Aligned with NAD Foreign Language Standards and World- Readiness Standards for Learning Languages
  • AP preparation across all levels
  • Heritage speaker workbook
  • Editable assignments from all 3 levels for remedial or advanced students.
  • Authentic and current cultural videos (updated weekly) and links to Hispanic newspapers
  • Robust features for live audio and video chat, and instant messaging
  • iPad-friendly technological component (Supersite): autograded assignments, textbook activities, presentations and resources for each theme with access to all levels for 36 months
  • Easy navigation on a single platform for completing assignments, accessing resources, and student note-taking
  • Accessible on multiple electronic devices and platforms
  • Downloadable eBook for iPad
  • Concerns: Requires Flash or Shockwave for audio-recording and some presentation tools, pictures and illustrations in the textbook lack student appeal, small print and excessive material in each section of the textbook, overwhelming grammar presentations for secondary students, and best features of the program (Supersite) are only available with the purchase of a site license